I close my eyes, that's what i do

I can't say i love new year's eve, because i don't.
It used to be really special but it became a really dark time of the year since my early 20's and that went on for several years, until it became a day like all the others.
I have no special will for partying or great reunions nor want to feel extra-super-mega happy.
It just doesn't work for me.
But as i can't just ignore it, i realized a few years ago that it would be a happier day if i just had some wishes for the upcoming year.
I know that this is what everybody does, make great plans and trace goals but i usually close my eyes at midnight and wish really hard that all my loving ones will be here healthy and happy always. And that's enough for me.

This was a tough year in several ways, but was also the year where i accomplished a lot on my own and had the time to see my daughter growing before my eyes.
I also created cooler and wooler and am thankful for all the kind words and attitudes i received from many of you.

Musically speaking, there were a few bands i'll keep in my ears and heart forever. Fanfarlo were one of them. You can see/listen to all their videos here.
I leave you a video of a Smashing Pumpkins cover that i find genious, even better than the real thing.
I hope you enjoy it and see you next year!

Fanfarlo, We only come out at night (Smashing Pumpkins cover)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, New Years Eve is totally overrated! That said, i do wish you all the best for 2010. I hope you continue to succeed with Wooler and Cooler and i look forward to being your neighbour in Spain very, very soon! :)

Gosto design lifestyle said...

linda a foto! and i also don't have anything with new years eve! um 2010 com tudo de bom!

J. said...

adorei a fotografia e as cores são lindas! fechar os olhos e desejar o melhor para as pessoas mais importantes substitui facilmente as 12 passas!

bom ano rita
1 beijinho

Popeline said...

Foto maravilhosa e um muito obrigada por esta partilha musical! Sem dúvida um marco no meu início de ano.
Um excelente 2010!!


Marta Nunes said...

Olá Rita,
desejo que o teu ano seja mesmo bom, para ti e para os teus, só para dizer que adoro o teu trabalho e estou a desejar um update da loja muito muito para poder adquirir uma das tuas belíssimas peças, estou apaixonada.

Sou uma fã conquistada, pelo trabalho e pela tua sensibilidade em captar tudo o que rodeia... Parabéns.
Vou cá passar sempre.

Um beijo, Marta