all my blue birds died when i was a little girl
i knew by then that it's hard to keep something alive
most of things die, no matter how hard you try
if we could go back
and if you showed me how sorry you are
i would surely miss you like i miss my dead birds.


made in ♥ love said...

Estou estarrecida com o teu trabalho é fantastico!! Muitos parabéns!!!

Um beijinho
be in ♥ love

Nataly said...

You are one of my favorite bloggers. I've dedicate an award to you :) Go visit my blog ;)

Momichka said...

Lovely poem...
I used to have blue birds as a little girl too, and whenever I think of my old childhood house, I can almost hear them chirping as they used to.

Thanks for posting this and reminding me of something wonderful.

All the best,