Tired Pony, The Good Book

you were saved by the good book,
i was saved by the half full glass,
so come on take a good look,
cause this party will be our last.
when you called i was screaming,
it confused me to hear your voice,
it was like i was dreaming,
and ten years became a noise,
that i could barely remember,
just enough to open the wounds,
and in the darkest december,
i can howl at the early moon.


sushi lover said...

bonita música!

Unknown said...

Uau, achei seu blog! Conheci seu Flickr essa semana e gostei de tudo! Vc fala Português, certo? :)
Lembranças do Brasil!

raichel said...

I´ve just discovered your blog and I like very much the things you make, congrats! and go on..
greetings from spain!

Anonymous said...

olá. aquela travessa é linda. (a que está no seu flirck) é sua? aiii eu gostava tanto de uma igual.

: ((((