Sick & Tired*

* This is the title of one Cardigan's song, the first swedish band i heard over and over and over again (many years ago).

1: of being sick and tired.
2: of people that can't keep promises.
3: of people that pretend to be baby-friendly when they're not.
4: of being put on the shelf of "there's no point on inviting them 'cause they're not going to be able to make it anyway" instead of being asked if we can make it (even when we really can't).
5: of people that can't be available for the most simple things.
6: of people that can't understand that most of my great little spare time is spent working hard.
7: of people, in general.

Jens Lekman is now my favorite swedish singer (along with Stina Nordenstam and a few others), and i can't get enough of listening to his songs. He's a great singer/songwriter, has an even greater and twisted sense of humor and has the hability of improving my worst days.

Jens Lekman, You Are The Light

Jens Lekman, Black Cab

Ahhhhh, i feel much better now!

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Anonymous said...

" ... Oh you're so silent Jens! "
" Well maybe i am, well maybe i am ... "


Só o Delerm é mais escutado que esse rapaz aqui por casa. O Jens tem de vir cá!