Close your weary eyes until the wintertime

Weary sun, sleep tonight, go crashing into the ocean
Cut the line that ties the tide and moon, ancient and blue
We take our empty hearts and fill them up with broken things
To hang on humming wire like cheap lamps down a dead end street
Close your weary eyes until the wintertime
And every time we turn away it hits me like a tidal wave
I would change for you but, babe, that doesn't mean I'm gonna be a better man
Give the ocean what I took from you so one day you could find it in the sand
And hold it in your hands again

Cold ways kill cool lovers
Strange ways we used each other
Sleep all summer, covered by The National + St. Vincent

This song made my day today.


Catalina said...

Great song, thanks for sharing!

love the picture as well

sofiab said...

They're great, the lyrics are almost always disturbing...